26 July Current Affairs

1. On which day was the 20th anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrated ?

(a)  24th July            (b) 25th July

(c)  27th July            (d) 26th July
Correct Answer-(d) 26th July

2.Triple talaq bill passed in ___.
(a) 2014                    (b) 2015

(c)  2017                   (d) 2018
Correct Answer-(c)  2017  

3. Beji caid Essibsi who passed away recently, democratically elected leader of ___?

(a)  Tunisia              (b) Morocco

(c) Libya                  (d) Egypt
Correct Answer-(a)  Tunisia  

4. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the Haryana public service commission?

(a)  Kamal Nayan Choubey

(b)  Niraj Sinha

(c)  Satya Narayan Pradhan

(d)  Ranjit ku. Pachnanda
Correct Answer-(d)  Ranjit ku. Pachnanda

5. Who has replaced OPPO India as Official Team India Sponsor in 2019?

(a)  Vivo India

(b)  Byju’s

(c)  Dabur

(d)  RIL
Correct Answer-(b)  Byju’s

6. Who is the author of book titled “New Age Technology and Industrial Revolution 4.0 ?

(a)  Manoj Jha

(b)  Narendra Jadhav

(c)  Suresh Gopi

(d)  C. P Thakur
Correct Answer-(b)  Narendra Jadhav  

7. What is the theme of the Dubai world Expo 2020?

(a)  Connecting Mind, creating the future

(b)  Live green, live better

(c)  Future Energy

(d)  The emerging society
Correct Answer-(a)  Connecting Mind, creating the future

8. Which country has launched the UKEIRI Mobility Programme, study in India initiative?

(a)  China            (b) UK

(c)  Japan           (d)  USA
Correct Answer-(b) UK  

9. How many satellites has been launched by ISRO’s commercial arm ‘Antrix Corporation ‘ in the last 3 years?

(a)  400             (b) 450

(c)  239             (d) 15 
Correct Answer-(c)  239  

10. Def Expo India -2020 to be held in ___.

(a)  Lucknow     (b) Mumbai

(c)  Delhi            (d) Dubai
Correct Answer-(a)  Lucknow   


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