27 July Current Affairs

1. Who developed “Care 4 u” for the elderly person? 
(a)  IIT Khadagpur 
(b)  IIT Mumbai 
(c)  IIT Mandi 
(d)  IIT Roorkee
Correct Answer- (a)  IIT Khadagpur
2. Which country will send it’s first Astronaut to space in 2022 with the help of China? 
(a)  Myanmar           (b)  Nepal
(c)  Pakistan            (d)  Malayesia 
Correct Answer-(c)  Pakistan 
3. Who appointed as chairman of public accounts committee (pac)? 
(a)  Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury 
(b)  Jayant Sinha
(c)  Satya Pal Singh
(d)  None of the above 
Correct Answer-(a)  Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury 
4. What is the name of the encyclopedia launched by CISF  ?
(a)  Warpedia 
(b)  Securitypedia 
(c) Industrypedia 
(d)  Yudhpedia 
Correct Answer-(b)  Securitypedia 
5. Who is the current speaker of Loksabha? 
(a)  Meria Kumar 
(b)  Omprakash Birla
(c)  Somnath Chatterjee
(d)  Sumitra Mahajan 
Correct Answer-(b)  Omprakash Birla
6. Who is the director general of ICMR? 
(a)  Basavaraj Mathapati
(b)  Seema Sahay
(c)  Abdul Mabood Khan
(d)  Balram Bhargava
Correct Answer-(d)  Balram Bhargava
7. Who has been taken as additional charge of Telephone Mahanagar Nigam Limited? 
(a)  Sunil Kumar 
(b)  Sultan Ahmed
(c)  Amit Yadav
(d)  Rakesh Nangia
Correct Answer-(a)  Sunil Kumar 
8. Scaly foot snail was first discovered in____.
(a)  1989             (b)  1992
(c)  1995             (d)  2003
Correct Answer- (d)  2003
9. Proabaetulla antiqua’ who discovered recently is a _____.
(a)  Frog              (b)  Snake 
(c)  Rat                (d)  Fish
Correct Answer- (b)  Snake 
10. Under the companies (amendment) Bill 2019 ,any unspant CSR funds must be transfer to the funds under schedule _____of the act. 
(a)  4        (b)  5      (c)  6       (d)  7
Correct Answer-  (d)  7
11. Shi. BS Yeddyurappa is sworn as CM of _____.
(a)  Karnataka          (b)  Kerala 
(c)  Telengana         (d)  Tamilnadu 
Correct Answer-(a)  Karnataka 
12. In which state will be fieldwork of 7th economic census be launched? 
(a)  Tripura               (b)  Sikkim 
(c)  Assam               (d)  Manipur 
Correct Answer-(a)  Tripura      
13. Delhi Cabinate approved ______permanent fast track court in it’s capital? 
(a)  15                       (c)  16
(c)  17                       (d)  18
Correct Answer-  (d)  18
14. Who will be honoured Tribute actor award at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival? 
(a)  Emily Blunt 
(b)  Meryl Streep 
(c)  Julia Roberts 
(d)  Nicoli Kidman
Correct Answer-(b)  Meryl Streep 
15. GST council Reduced GST on electrical vehicle from 12% to _____% .
(a)  10                     (b)  5
(c)  6                       (d)  2
Correct Answer- (b)  5

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