Current Affairs 09 August to 15 August 2019


Current Affairs 09 August 2019

1. ISRO has announced its __ journalism Award in Space Science, Technology and Research .

(a)  Homi J.  Bhabha

(b)  Vikram Sarabhai

(c)  A. P. J  Abdul Kalam

(d)  Satish Dhawan

Correct Answer-(b)  Vikram Sarabhai


2. Who was crowned Miss World diversity 2019 in port Louis Mauritius ?

(a)  Naaz Joshi

(b)  Megan Young

(c)  Azra Akin

(d)  Rosanna Davison

Correct Answer-(a)  Naaz Joshi


3. Where is Tarava police station located ?

(a)  Bihar             (b)  Jharkhand

(c)  Odisha          (d)  Chhattisgarh

Correct Answer-(c)  Odisha  

4. Recently, Diego Forlan has announced his retirement, related to __ .

(a)  Football         (b)  Tennis

(c)  Badminton    (d)   Golf

Correct Answer-(a)  Football    

5. Asaduzzaman Khan is the home minister of ___ ?

(a)  Iran            (b)  Bangladesh

(c)  Bhutan      (d)  Turkey

Correct Answer- (b)  Bangladesh

6. Who became the first Indian Batsman to register two T – 20I half -centuries before turning 22 ?

(a)  K. L  Rahul

(b)  Rishabb Pant

(c)  Prithvi Shaw

(d)  Shreyas Iyer

Correct Answer-(b)  Rishabb Pant

7. Jom Prakash who passed away recently was a famous ___ .

(a)  Politician         (b) Director

(c)  Judge              (d)  Cricketer

Correct Answer-  (b) Director

8. Indian Army will participate in an anti – terrorism military exercise in __ in September .

(a)  India                     (b)  Mongolia

(c)  Turkmenistan      (d)  Russia

Correct Answer-(d)  Russia

9. Health ministry has set target to reduce HIV causes by ___ .

(a)  2020                (b)  2021

(c)  2022                (d)  2023

Correct Answer-(a)  2020  

10. The SBI announced a __ basis points reduction in its lending rates in August .

(a)  10                  (b)  15

(c)  20                  (d)  25

Correct Answer-   (b)  15

11. Where NHRC National Level Review Meeting held on mental health ?

(a)  Newdelhi      (b)  Pune

(c)  Bathinda       (d)  Gandhinagar

Correct Answer-(a)  Newdelhi 

12. Pranab Mukharjee was __th president .

(a)  10                (b)  11

(c)  12                (d)  13

Correct Answer-   (d)  13

13. Who has been selected for woman world boxing championship ?

(a)  Mary Kom 

(b)  Lovlina Borgohain

(c) Both 1&2

(d)  None of the above

Correct Answer-(c) Both 1&2

14. Who launched insurance ” Jeevam Amar ” ?

(a)  LIC                   (b)  SBI

(c)  HDFC               (d)  SEBI

Correct Answer-(a)  LIC    

15. King of the Ring Harley Race who passed away related to ___ .

(a)  Boxing                (b)  Tennis

(c)  WWE                  (d)  WWF

Correct Answer-(c)  WWE  

Current Affairs 10 August 2019

  1. Recently Hasim Amla who retired from all international cricket belongs to ___ .

(a)  Pakistan             (b)  Afghanistan

(c)  South Africa       (d)  Srilanka

Correct Answer-(c)  South Africa 

  1. Where will the 3rd Renewable Energy Investor’s meet & Expo be held ?

(a)  India              (b)  USA

(c)  Russia           (d)  China

Correct Answer-(a)  India

  1. Which state has topped the ranking in Breast feeding and infant and young child feeding practices in the country ?

(a)  Mizoram           (b)  Manipur

(c)  Nagaland          (d)  Assam

Correct Answer-(b)  Manipur

  1. __ is the tribal minister who inaugurated a national workshop on Tribal interprise .

(a)  Arjun Munda

(b)  Raghubar Das

(c)  Sudesh Mahto

(d)  Shibu Soren

Correct Answer-(a)  Arjun Munda

  1. What is the theme of the International day of world’s Indegenous peoples 2019 ?

(a)  Indegenous people

(b) Indegenous language

(c)  Indegenous culture

(d)  Ind

Correct Answer-(b) Indegenous language

  1. Which museum is all set to find a piece in the Asia Book of records for becoming the most visit museum ?

(a)  Jang – e – Azadi Memorial

(b)  Solar Jangmuseum

(c)  Virasat -e -Khalsa

(d)  All

Correct Answer-(c)  Virasat -e -Khalsa

  1. Which country will host Zimbabwe for tri-nation 20 – 20 tournament .

(a)  India                (b)  Bhutan

(c)  Srilanka           (d)  Bangladesh

Correct Answer- (d)  Bangladesh

  1. India & Bangladesh ganga water treaty was done in __ .

(a)  1963             (b)  1978

(c)  1985             (d)  1996

Correct Answer- (d)  1996

  1. __ secured 1st in international army scout masters competition .

(a)  India           (b)  Kazakhstan

(c)  Russia        (d)  China

Correct Answer-(a)  India      

  1. Shamnad Basheer was awarded Infosys science foundation prize in _ .

(a)  2011             (b) 2012

(c)  2013             (d) 2014

Correct Answer- (d) 2014

  1. __ state launched a small saving scheme to stop people from transacting suspicious nonbanking .

(a)  Bihar                (b)  Haryana

(c)  Punjab             (d)  Odisha

Correct Answer- (d)  Odisha

  1. ___ tennis player topped the list of Highest paid female athletes 2019 .

(a)  Martina Hingis

(b)  Maria Sharapora

(c)  Sania Mirza

(d)  Serena Williams

Correct Answer-(d)  Serena Williams

Current Affairs 11 August 2019

  1. Govt. has set a target of transporting nearly __% of cargo through waterways .

(a)  10                    (b)  15

(c)  20                    (d)  25

Correct Answer-  (d)  25

  1. What does ‘ D ‘ stands for NADA ?

(a)  Development     (b)  Doping

(c)  Damage             (d)  Diverse

Correct Answer- (b)  Doping

  1. Who won best actor in 66th National film awards ?

(a)  Ayushman Khurana

(b)  Vicky Kaushal

(c) Both 1 & 2

(d)  None of the above

Correct Answer-(c) Both 1 & 2

  1. Who won the National award for most film friendly state ?

(a)  Maharashtra           (b)  Kerala

(c)  Uttarakhand            (d)  Gujarat

Correct Answer-(c)  Uttarakhand  

  1. Which state made a planatation drive on 77th anniversary of quit India movement ?

(a)  Gujarat               (b)  UP

(c)  Bihar                  (d)  Haryana

Correct Answer-(b)  UP

  1. Which Naval ship entered the port of Bergan , Norway ?

(a)  INS Tarkash

(b)  INS Talwar

(c)  INS Trikand

(d)  INS Mysore

Correct Answer-(a)  INS Tarkash

  1. Where was 3rd international electric vehicle conclave inaugurated ?

(a)  Newdelhi          (b)  Mumbai

(c)  Gurugram        (d)  Pune

Correct Answer-(c)  Gurugram

  1. Who will lead a delegation to vladvostok in the Russian tar east ?

(a)  Piyush Goyal

(b)  Nitin Gadkari

(c)  Dharmendra Pradhan

(d)  Amit Shah

Correct Answer-(a)  Piyush Goyal

  1. __ developed a method to recycle human urine .

(a)  IIT Bombay           (b)  IIT Delhi

(c)  IIT Madras            (d)  IIT Kanpur

Correct Answer-(c)  IIT Madras

  1. __ state announced ” Mukhya Mantri Parivar Samridhi Yojana ” .

(a)  Punjab             (b)  Haryana

(c)  UP                    (d)  Bihar

Correct Answer-(b)  Haryana

  1. Where will be 14th session of COP14 takes place .

(a)  Mumbai           (b)  Delhi

(c)  Jaipur              (d)  Pune

Correct Answer-  (b)  Delhi

  1. Who has been appointed the brand ambassador for the CM’s Green Manipur Mission ?

(a)  Absaas Channa     

(b)  Valentina Elagbam

(c)  Aashika Bhatia

(d)  Gracy Goswami

Correct Answer-(b)  Valentina Elagbam

  1. __ police created a green corridor .

(a)  Mumbai         (b)  Hyderabad

(c)  Delhi              (d)  Jaipur

Correct Answer-(b)  Hyderabad

Current Affairs 12 August 2019

  1. __ state released biofuel rules 2019 .

(a)  Haryana              (b)  Rajsthan

(c)  Gujarat                (d)  Kerala

Correct Answer-(b)  Rajsthan

  1. What does ‘ C ‘ stands for in CAIT ?

(a)  Comitee            (b)  Confederation

(c)  Cycle                 (d)  Circular

Correct Answer- (b)  Confederation

  1. __ state inaugurated ” Mukhya Mantri Krishi Ashirwad Yojana ” .

(a)  Jharkhand         (b)  Bihar

(c)  Haryana            (d)  Gujarat

Correct Answer-(a)  Jharkhand

  1. Who will host 10th Asia swimming federation ?

(a)  Newdelhi          (b)  Pune

(c)  Bangalore         (d)  Lucknow

Correct Answer-(c)  Bangalore 

  1. The fossils of the largest parrot ever recorded have been found in __ .

(a)  Australia          (b)  OSA

(c)  New Zealand   (d)  India

Correct Answer-(c)  New Zealand

  1. Jana Small finance Bank Commenced Banking operations in ___ .

(a)  2015             (b)  2016

(c)  2017             (d)  2018

Correct Answer- (d)  2018

  1. What is the rank of P. V. Sindhu in 2019 Forbes list of highest paid female athletes ?

(a)  8                  (b)  11

(c)  13                (d)  15

Correct Answer-(c)  13       

  1. __ country has the highest number of ‘living’ Indegenous languages in the World .

(a)  India        (b)  Papua New Genia

(c)  China       (d)  Russia

Correct Answer- (b)  Papua New Genia

  1. National council of Applied Economic Research expects the country’s economic growth rate to __ in FY20 .

(a)  6%              (b)  6.2%

(c)  5%              (d)  5.9%

Correct Answer-  (b)  6.2%

  1. __ introduce an insurance plan ‘Jeevan Amar’ .

(a)  New India Assurance 

(b)  LIC

(c)  Aviva Life insurance

(d)  United India Insurance

Correct Answer-(b)  LIC

  1. __ has launched ” The Identity Check Express ” a next generation mobile first authentication solution .

(a)  Visa              (b)  MasterCard

(c)  ICICI Bank    (d)  SBI

Correct Answer-(c)  ICICI Bank 

  1. __ is India’s top retailer ,according to study by euromonity .

(a)  Amazon        (b)  Westside

(c) Big Bazar       (d)  Walmart

Correct Answer- (d)  Walmart

  1. __ mission is launched by Khadi and Village I Industry Commission on World Trival Day .

(a)  Khadi Mission 

(b)  Trival Mission

(c)  Leather Mission

(d)  Artisan Mission

Correct Answer-(c)  Leather Mission

Current Affairs 13 August 2019

  1. PM Modi will feature in a special episode of the TV series __ on discovery channel .

(a)  Myth Busters

(b)  Man vs Wild

(c)  Bering sea Gold

(d)  How do they do it

Correct Answer-(b)  Man vs Wild

  1. Samjauta Express run on Sunday from __ to Attari and back .

(a)  Delhi

(b)  Bathinda

(c)  Jaipur

(d)  Lucknow

Correct Answer-(a)  Delhi

  1. Who clinched the Men’s single titles in the Hyderabad open in August ?

(a)  Sameer Verma

(b)  Saurabh Chaudhury

(c)  B.  Sai Praneeth

(d)  Saurabh Verma

Correct Answer-(d)  Saurabh Verma

  1. In Badminton , how many medals wets won by Indian junior shuttler at Bulgarian junior international championship .

(a)  3                  (b)  4

(c)  5                  (d)  6

Correct Answer-   (d)  6

  1. The __ agriculture Dept. has initiated a massive drive to provide more than 28000 Agro-machine .

(a)  UP

(b)  Punjab

(c)  Bihar

(d)  Haryana

Correct Answer-(b)  Punjab

  1. Where did Amit Shah launch the book ” Listening, Learning & Leading ” in August ?

(a)  Delhi

(b)  Chennai

(c)  Mumbai

(d)  Pune

Correct Answer-(b)  Chennai

  1. Where did Dept. of atomic energy organise a 2 – day exhibition ?

(a)  Lucknow

(b)  Pune

(c)  Mumbai

(d)  New delhi

Correct Answer-(d)  New delhi

  1. What is the theme of International Youth Day ?

(a)  Safe Spaces for Youth

(b)  Transforming Education

(c)  Youth Civic Engagement

(d)  Youth Building Peace

Correct Answer-(b)  Transforming Education

  1. Where did VP Venkaiah Naidu launched the ” Mukhya Mantri Krishi Ashirwad Yojana ” ?

(a)  Bihar

(b)  C. G.

(c)  Jharkhand

(d)  U. P.

Correct Answer-(c)  Jharkhand

  1. Who won the table tennis league in August ?

(a)  Chennai Lions

(b)  Debang Delhi

(c)  Telugu Titans

(d)  Bengaluru Bulls

Correct Answer-(a)  Chennai Lions

  1. Vivek Gambhir is the Consumer Products MD and CEO of __ .

(a)  Hindustan Unilever LTD

(b)  Nestle India

(c)  Dabur

(d)  Godrej

Correct Answer-(d)  Godrej

  1. Recently Amarendra Sharan passed away .He was a /an __ .

(a)  Actor

(b)  Journalist

(c)  Advocate

(d)  Classical Dancer

Correct Answer-(c)  Advocate

  1. Where did the Army Launched Mission Reached Out in August 2019 ?

(a)  Manipur

(b)  Chhatisgarh

(c)  Jammu & Kashmir

(d)  Maharashtra

Correct Answer-(c)  Jammu & Kashmir

  1. In August 2019, the UCO Bank has cut the MCLR by _ bps across all tenors .

(a)  5

(b) 10

(c) 15

(d) 20

Correct Answer-(c) 15

Current Affairs 14 August 2019

  1. Where did the year- long centenary celebration of the birth anniversary of Vikram Sarabhai kick off in August 2019 ?

(a)  New Delhi

(b)  Pune

(c)  Ahemdabad

(d)  Kolkata

Correct Answer-(c)  Ahemdabad

  1. With which country did India sign 4MoUs in August 2019 and agreed to organise 100 activities in the coming months in the domain of film and broadcasting ?

(a)  Indonesia

(b)  China

(c)  Singapore

(d)  Germany

Correct Answer-(b)  China

  1. Who moved up taking oath as a judge of the Supreme Court of Fiji in August 2019 ?

(a)  Justice Kurian Joseph

(b)  Justice Madan Lokur

(c)  Justice Dipak Misha

(d)  Justice Arjan kumar Sikri

Correct Answer-(b)  Justice Madan Lokur

  1. NASA demonstrated the first coordinated menoeuvre between 2 tissue box-sized water-powered spacecraft in the Low Earth orbit .They were orbiting Earth about __ km from one another .

(a)  6

(b)  7

(c)  8

(d)  9

Correct Answer-(d)  9

  1. Who remained the highest – paid bank cheif executive in India with a monthly basic salary of Rs 89 Lakh in FY19 ?

(a)  Vijay Sekhar Sharma

(b)  Rana kapoor

(c)  Aditya Puri

(d)  Uday Kotak

Correct Answer-(c)  Aditya Puri

  1. Which state signed an MOU with a Russian province in August 2019 for trade and investment in many areas, including timber, healthcare, real state and education ,in Vladivostok ?

(a)  Punjab

(b)  Haryana

(c)  Bihar

(d)  Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer-(b)  Haryana

  1. __ inked an agreement with Russia’s Kamchatka region in August 2019 .

(a)  Goa

(b)  Maharashtra

(c)  Punjab

(d)  Rajsthan

Correct Answer-(a)  Goa

  1. Diamond sector representatives accompanying Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani to Vladivostok in Russia signed __ MOUs in August 2019 .

(a)  2

(b)  3

(c)  4

(d)  5

Correct Answer-(a)  2

  1. According to an action plan of Railway Board ,whose 150th birth anniversary will be marked as Community Day by the railways ?

(a)  Mahatma Gandhi

(b)  Jawaharlal Nehru

(c)  Mother Teresa

(d)  Swami Vivekananda

Correct Answer-(a)  Mahatma Gandhi

  1. The Union Minister for Youth Affairs & Sports __ conferred the National Youth Awards in August 2019 .

(a)  Rajnath Singh

(b)  Kiren Rijiju

(c)  Jitendra Singh

(d)  V. K.  Singh

Correct Answer-(b)  Kiren Rijiju

  1. Researchers from __ have developed a low cost diagnostic device that can perform various pathological tests by using blood taken from a fingerprick .

(a)  IIT Kanpur

(b)  IIT Delhi

(c)  IIT Bombay

(d)  IIT Khadagpur

Correct Answer-(d)  IIT Khadagpur

Current Affairs 15 August 2019

  1. According to the Global Fintech report from CB insights ,the number of fintech deals in India start-ups surpassed which country ?

(a)  USA

(b)  China

(c)  United Kingdom

(d)  Japan

Correct Answer-(b)  China

  1. PM Narendra Modi announced the Government would create the post of a Chief of Defence Staff(CDS) .The CDS was to be a __ rank general .

(a)  Four star

(b)  Three star

(c)  Five stars

(d)  Six star

Correct Answer-(c)  Five stars

  1. Which of the following ministries launched the Swachh Survekshan Grameen 2019 ?

(a)  Ministry of Jal Shakti

(b)  Ministry of Panchayati Raj

(c)  Ministry of Rural Development

(d)  Ministry of Housing and Urban development

Correct Answer-(a)  Ministry of Jal Shakti

  1. Scholar of which language was not awarded the Certificate of Honour by the President of India ?

(a)  Sanskrit

(b)  Pali

(c)  Prakrit

(d)  Hindi

Correct Answer-(d)  Hindi

  1. President Ramnath Kovind approved __ Awards to Armed Forces Personnel and members of Paramilitary Forces .

(a)  100

(b)  132

(c)  250

(d)  200

Correct Answer-(b)  132

  1. A rare variety of tea from which state’s Tea Estate set a new record after it was auctioned for Rs 75,000 per kg at the Gawhati Tea Auction centre (GTAC) ?

(a)  Assam

(b)  Tamilnadu

(c)  Karnataka

(d)  Nagaland

Correct Answer-(a)  Assam

  1. How many police personnel have been awarded the Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation for 2019 ?

(a)  75

(b)  80

(c)  95

(d)  96

Correct Answer-(d)  96

  1. One of Whatsapp’s most awaited features, fingerprint authentication , is finally rolling out to which users ?

(a)  Windows

(b)  IOS

(c)  Android

(d)  LMS

Correct Answer-(c)  Android

  1. A book on which of these Bollywood actors was announced by Penguin Random House ?

(a)  Sridevi

(b)  Amitabh Bacchhan

(c)  Rishi Kapoor

(d)  None of these

Correct Answer-(a)  Sridevi

  1. Who has been conferred the Vir Chakra ,India’s third – highest war time gallantry medal ?

(a)  Prakash Jadav

(b)  Abhinandan Varthaman

(c)  Harshpal Singh

(d)  Sandeep Singh

Correct Answer-(b)  Abhinandan Varthaman

  1. __ made history with a never – before seen Triple – double floor exercise landing .

(a)  Shwan Johnson

(b)  Mery Lou Retton

(c)  Shannon Miller

(d)  Simone Biles

Correct Answer-(d)  Simone Biles

  1. The famous Palani Panchamirtham ,given as ‘Prasadam’ at the Murugan temple has been Granted the Geographical Indication (GI) tag ,the temple is situated in __  .

(a)  Tamilnadu

(b) Karnataka

(c)  Andhra Pradesh

(d)  Odisha

Correct Answer-(a)  Tamilnadu

  1. ___ government will open Army schools in tribal – dominated areas to provide required training to youths to help them get selected to serve in defence forces .

(a)  Madhya Pradesh

(b)  Uttar Pradesh

(c)  Gujarat

(d)  Rajsthan

Correct Answer-(c)  Gujarat

  1. __ is all set to get the first Indian Institute of Skills – IIS ,the foundation stone of which will be laid in September 2019 .

(a)  Mumbai

(b)  New Delhi

(c)  Jaipur

(d)  Chandigarh

Correct Answer-(a)  Mumbai

  1. Which of these states got its first flight service from 14th August 2019 ?

(a)   Assam

(b)  Jharkhand

(c)   Nagaland

(d)   Tripura

Correct Answer-(d)   Tripura








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