21 July 2019 Current Affairs


1. The well known Fernado Corbato who recently passed away was a __
( a )Pilot ( b )computer scientist
( c )Journalist ( d )Politician
Right answer – ( b )Computer scientist

2.Who among the following is the most wicket taken in ICC World Cup
( a )Matchel Stark ( b )Jofra Archen
(c) Lockie Ferguson (d) Jasprit Bumrah
Right answer – ( a )Matchel Stark

3. Who won the women’s single 2019 Wimbledon title?
(a) Serena Williams (b) Simona Halep
(c) Naomi Osaka (d) Angelique Kerber
Right answer – (b) Simona Halep

4. Happiness Utsav has been launched in which city?
(a) Delhi (b) Lucknow
(c) Bhopal (d) Mumbai
Right answer -(a) Delhi

5.The next generation sequencing facility was inaugurated in which city?
(a) Indore (b) Hyderabad
(c) Bengaluru (d) Chennai
Right answer – (b) Hyderabad

6. What is the new rate of interest on general interest provident fund(GPF)?
(a) 7.9% (b) 8.5%
(c) 7.8% (d) 9%
Right answer -(a) 7.9%

7. The union environment ministry has selected how many beaches on India for blue flag certification?
(a) 5 (b) 12
(c) 15 (d) 20
Right answer – (b) 12

8.Which of the following is 76 country to sign international Solar Alliance agreement ?
(a) Palace (b) Argentina
(c) Brazil (d) Philippines
Right answer – (a) Palace

9. India’s first space Tech. Park will be established in which state?
(a) Karnataka (b) Maharshtra
(c) Kerala (d)Tamilnadu
Right answer – (c) Kerala

10. Which country won the second edition of intercontinental cut football tournament?
(a) South Korea (b) Phillipines
(c) North Korea (d) Srilanka
Right answer -(c) North Korea

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