25 July Current Affairs

1. Which deputy governor of RBI resigned recently?
(a) B P Kanungo
(b) N S viswanathan
(c) Viral Acharya
(d) M K Jain
Correct answer-(c) Viral Acharya

2. __helicopter has delivered by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited to the Indian navy.
(a) Chetak (b) Apache
(c) Chinook (d) Lakota
Correct answer-(a) Chetak

3. Who will take over as the new union Home Secretary?
(a) Sushil Kumar
(b) Ajay Kumar Bhalla
(c) Rajib Gouba
(d) Krishna Swami
Correct answer-(b) Ajay Kumar Bhalla

4. Govt. has sanctioned how many fast track courts for free dispensation of panding cases under pocso and sexual assault?
(c) 2000 (b) 1035
(c) 1023 (d) 1000
Correct answer-(c) 1023

5. Asian development Bank sanctioned RS 1925 crore project for upgradation of power generation and distribution in ___.
(a) Meghalaya (b) Asam
(c) Bihar (d) Tripura
Correct answer-(d) Tripura

6. Who wrote the book “Chandra Sekhar “the last icon of ideological politics?
(a) Harivansh
(b) Krishna Lal
(c) Ravi Dutt Bajpai
(d) Both 1&3
Correct answer-(d) Both 1&3

7. Who appointed as Britens home secretary?
(a) Priti Patel (b) Sajid Javid
(c) Mr Johnson (d) None of the above
Correct answer-(a) Priti Patel

8. The cabinet has approved the merger of __with ICMR(National Institute of Occupational health ).
(a) Indian Institute of Miner’s health
(b) National Academy of Agriculture research
(c) National Institute of Ocean information
(d) None of the above
Correct answer-(a) Indian Institute of Miner’s health

9. The finance commission on a 3 day visit to __23-25 July 2019.
(a) Rajasthan (b) UP
(c) Chhattisgarh (d) Bihar
Correct answer-(c) Chhattisgarh

10. The original law of Unlawful activities (prevention) was inacted in __.
(a) 1967 (b) 1968
(c) 1970 (d) 1972
Correct answer-(a) 1967

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