24 July Current Affairs

  1. Where has the American digital payments firm PayPal launched its 3rd global technology center?

(a)  Hyderabad           (b)  Jaipur

(c)  Lucknow              (d) Pune

Correct answer-(a)  Hyderabad   

  1. Which of the following banks has/have withdrawn Funding for the Amarabati capital city project in Andhrapradesh ?

(a)  World Bank

(b)  New development Bank

(c)  Asian infrastructure Investment Bank

(d)  Both 1&2

Correct answer-(d)  Both 1&2

  1. Who named UK’s new Prime Minister?

(a)  Jeremy Hunt

(b)  Boris Johnson

(c)  Therasa May

(d)  None of these

Correct answer-(b)  Boris Johnson

  1. National broadcasting day is observed on…

(a)  15th July         (b) 23rd July

(c)  1st July           (d) 24th July

Correct answer-(b) 23rd July

  1. Who has won the 21st Commonwealth Table Tennis Woman’s championship 2019 title?

(a)  England          (b) Singapore

(c)  Malaysia        (d) India

Correct answer-(d) India

  1. Who has won the 2019 Intercontinental cup football tournament in Ahmedabad, India?

(a)  India              (c) North Korea

(c)  Syria              (d) Tajkistan

Correct answer-(c) North Korea

  1. Which city hosted international police Expo 2019?

(a)  Bhopal          (b) New delhi

(c)  Ranchi          (d)  Kolkata

Correct answer-(b) New delhi

  1. Who won the British open title in Ireland?

(a)  Shane Lowry

(b)  Henrik Stenson

(c) Jordan Spieth

(d)  None of the above

Correct answer- (a)  Shane Lowry

  1. Tennis champion petor MC Namara who passed away recently belonged to which country?

(a)  Australia           (b) Pakistan

(c)  Bangladesh      (d) New Zealand

Correct answer- (a)  Australia           

  1. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) celebrated the ___Income Tax day on 24th July 2019?

(a)  147th       (b) 159th

(c)  153rd             (d) 160th

Correct answer – (b) 159th

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