28 July Current Affairs

1. Singapore -headquartered Global Indian International School  (GIIS)  will launch India’s first smart campus in ______.
(a)  Mumbai             (b)  Delhi 
(c)  Pune                   (d)  Chennai 
Correct answer-(c)  Pune 
2. Which has recently revamped their tourism website for promoting state brands Bayanika and Utkalika ?
(a)  Andhrapradesh       (b)  Odisha 
(c)  Telengana                (d)  Jharkhand 
Correct answer- (b)  Odisha 
3. Which UT recently received Affiliation from BCCI after 4 decades? 
(a)  Puducherry
(b)  Daman & Diu
(c)  Chandigarh
(d)  None of the above 
Correct answer-(c)  Chandigarh
4. Which Indian railway zone recently opened first printing press horitage gallery? 
(a)  Eastern railway zone 
(b)  Western railway zone 
(c)  Northern railway zone 
(d)  North central railway
Correct answer-(b)  Western railway zone
5. _____tapped in Raffop solar installation project in India .
(a)  Gujrat            (b)  Maharashtra 
(c)  Rajsthan       (d)  MP
Correct answer-(a)  Gujrat 
6. A pansion scheme for _____ has been notified in the country on 22nd July 2019.
(a)  Retailers     
(b)  Old-aged
(c)  ex-serviceman 
(d)  All
Correct answer-(a)  Retailers 
7. According to the current policy ,___FDI is allowed in the marketplace format of e-commerce retailing .
(a)  80%              (b)  90%
(c)  100%            (d)  95%
Correct answer-(c)  100% 
8. National data quality forum launched on ____ 2019.
(a)  24th July        (b)  28th July 
(c)  27th July        (d)  26th July 
Correct answer-(a)  24th July
9. _____ has become no 1 in implementation of Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Beema Yojna?
(a)  Bihar               (b)  Gujarat 
(c)  UP                  (d)  MP
Correct answer-(c)  UP 
10. Lieutenant Colonel Mr. Samir Rawat was invited in ____ ICP. 
(a)  Geneva           (b)  Prague 
(c)  Paris               (d)  Italy
Correct answer- (b)  Prague 
11. Where is Aireon based in ____ .
(a)  USA                 (b)  Russia 
(c)  France             (d) Japan
Correct answer-(a)  USA   
12. Students of IIT ___ have built an app for cargivors to elders. 
(a)  Kanpur           (b)  Khadagpur 
(c)  Delhi              (d)  Mumbai 
Correct answer-   (b)  Khadagpur 
13. The restricted speed of metrolite is _____.
(a)  50 kmph       (b)  35 kmph
(c)  25 kmph       (d)  40 kmph
Correct answer-(c)  25 kmph
14. Vande Bharat Express will run from New delhi to _____.
(a)  Karta            (b) Srinagar 
(c)  Gawahati     (d)  Kochi
Correct answer-a)  Karta   
15. Where is the four day global export meeting on Shark trade organised? 
(a)  Chennai 
(b)  Bengaluru 
(c)  Kochi 
(d)  Hydrabad
Correct answer-(c)  Kochi

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