29 July Current Affairs

1. In July 2019 ____ received affiliation from BCCI ,for city cricketers to play in BCCI tournament. 
(a) Puduchhery 
(b)  Chandigarh 
(c)  Silvassa 
(d)  Bathinda
Correct Answer-(b)  Chandigarh 
2. Who was crowned Miss Deaf World 2019?
(a)  Caroline Costa
(b)  Victoria Soo Lum
(c)  Vidisha Baliyan
(d)  Aminaka Gako
Correct Answer-(c)  Vidisha Baliyan
3. Rajnath Singh is on 3 day visit to which country? 
(a)  Egypt 
(b)  Mozambique 
(c)  Libiya
(d)  Kenya
Correct Answer-(b)  Mozambique 
4. Who elinched the German Grand Prix at Hookenheion in July 2019?
(a) Max Verdappen
(b)  Sebastain Vettel 
(c)  Daniil Kvyat 
(d)  Lewis Hamilton 
Correct Answer-(a) Max Verdappen
5. Who won 23rd president’s cup boxing tournament?
(a)  Sakshi Malik 
(b)  Pinki Jangra 
(c)  Ankushita Boro
(d)  Mary Kom 
Correct Answer-(d)  Mary Kom 
6. Where was a Himalayan conclave held in Uttarakhand?
(a)  Nainital 
(b)  Mussoorie 
(c)  Monali
(d)  Rishikesh
Correct Answer-(b)  Mussoorie 
7. Who wons people’s choice prize at Boston International sand art championship? 
(a)  Rahul Arya
(b)  Kaushik 
(c)  Sudarsan Pattnaik 
(d)  Nitish Bharti
Correct Answer-(c)  Sudarsan Pattnaik 
8. President Ramnath Kovind left on a state visit to which countries in July 2019?
(a)  Benin          (b)  Gambia
(c)  Guinea        (d)  All of the above 
Correct Answer- (d)  All of the above 
9. US Aerospace major _____handed over the first four of the 22 Apache attack helicopters to IAF in July 2019.
(a)  Boeing          (b)  Aribus
(c)  Lufthansa     (d)  None of the above 
Correct Answer-(a)  Boeing 
10. ____ developed a low cost environment friendly solar cells by employing a dye used to make kumkum /vermilion in India. 
(a)  IIT Jodhpur 
(b)  IIT Hyderabad 
(c)  IIT Kanpur 
(d)  IIT Patna
Correct Answer-b)  IIT Hyderabad 
11. Where will be the 3rd edition of Khelo India Youth game to be held? 
(a)  Shilong            (b)  Guwahati 
(c)  Bhopal             (d)  Hydrabad 
Correct Answer- (b)  Guwahati 
12. Who became the first Colombian to win tour de France in July 2019?
(a)  Peter Sagan
(b)  Egan Bernal
(c)  Caleb Ewan
(d)  Tom Dumouline
Correct Answer-(b)  Egan Bernal
13. World no. 1 ____ celebrated a three -stoke victory and claimed his maiden world golf championship. 
(a)  Brooks Koepka
(b)  Webb Simpgon
(c)  Rory Millorg
(d)  Mac Leicman
Correct Answer-(a)  Brooks Koepka
14. India’s first dragon blood -oozing tree has been discovered in which state? 
(a)  Odisha               (b)  Assam
(c)  Kerala                (d)  Tamilnadu 
Correct Answer- (b)  Assam
15. When will be 19-2 Dong Maeng(alliance) will be held in 2019?
(a)  September 
(b) October 
(c)  August 
(d)  March
Correct Answer-(c)  August 

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