1 August Current Affairs

1. Where will be the 22nd National conference on e -governance 2019 be held?
(a) Dispur (b) Shilong
(c) Imphal (d) Kohima
Correct Answer-(b) Shilong

2. Who will set the new speaker of the Karnataka state Assembly in 2019?
(a) Vishweshwar Hegde Kager
(b) B. Srira mula
(c) B.S. Yeddyurappa
(d) N. A Haris
Correct Answer-(a) Vishweshwar Hegde Kager

3. N Chandrasekaran is appointed as director of __ company board.
(a) Mahindra
(b) Tata motors
(c) Marutisuzuki
(d) Ashok leylland
Correct Answer-(b) Tata motors 

4. What does ‘S’ stand for OTS?
(a) System (b) Security
(c) Settlement (d) Swift
Correct Answer-(c) Settlement

5. Who is the president of Gambia?
(a) Adama Barrow
(b) Halifa Sallah
(c) Ali Bongo Ondimba
(d) Jean Ping
Correct Answer-(a) Adama Barrow 

6. Where did Infosys launch it’s state of the art cyber defence center?
(a) Bulgaria (b) Romania
(c) Poland (d) Moidora
Correct Answer-(b) Romania

7. Where did the US Embassy organise a south Asia air quality Tech. Camp?
(a) Malaysia (b) Nepal
(c) India (d) None of these
Correct Answer- (b) Nepal

8. Recently Pakistan opened a 1000 year old Hindu temple in ___.
(a) Islamabad (b) Rawal Pindi
(c) Silakol (d) None of the above
Correct Answer-(c) Silakol

9. Companies ammendment bill seeks to revise the act of ___ .
(a) 2007 (b) 2009
(c) 2013 (d) 2015
Correct Answer-(c) 2013

10. Indian IT companies contributed __ billion dollars to the GDP of US in 2017.
(a) 20.5 (b) 36.4
(c) 57.2 (d) 68.9
Correct Answer-(c) 57.2

11. Former India batsman and A.P. Skipper __ announced retirement from all form of game.
(a) Venugopal Rao
(b) S.U. Rao
(c) Prithvi Shaw
(d) B. Sai Praneeth
Correct Answer-(a) Venugopal Rao

12. Who has been suspended for doping violation?
(a) Ravindra Jadeja
(b) Prithvi Shaw
(c) Manish Pandey
(d) Sturrt Binny
Correct Answer-(b) Prithvi Shaw

13. Where will Atal Innovation Mission launched a new programme?
(a) Mumbai (b) Varanasi
(c) New Delhi (d) All
Correct Answer-(c) New Delhi

14. Subir Gokam was formar deputy governer of __.
(a) SBI (b) RBI
(c) Sebi (d) ICICI
Correct Answer-(b) RBI

15. Who will be appointed as the finance secretary of India in 2019?
(a) Rajiiv Kumar
(b) Subash Garg
(c) Amit Sharma
(d) Vinay Garg
Correct Answer-(a) Rajiiv Kumar

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