Current Affairs 03 August

1. The national medical commission Bill 2019 seeks to repeal the Indian Medical Council Act, __ .
(a) 1956 (b) 1963
(c) 1968 (d) 1972
Correct Answer -(a) 1956

2. Malbar gold & Diamonds has signed Bollywood Icon __ to its Star -studied list of brand ambassadors in 2019 .
(a) Salman Khan (b) Sanjay Dutt
(c) Anil Kapoor (d) Akshy kumar
Correct Answer -(c) Anil Kapoor

3. Who elinched a gold medal in men’s Rifle 3 positions (3p) at 12th Sardar Sajjan Singh Sethi Memorial Master Competition ?
(a) Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar
(b) Jitu Rai
(c) Vijay Kumar
(d) Shreyasi Singh
Correct Answer -(a) Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar

4. __ state has launched “Save Green , Stay Clean ” campaign .
(a) Punjab (b) UP
(c) Bihar (d) West Bengal
Correct Answer -(d) West Bengal

5. Who has been appointed as Managing director of Colgate – Palmolive in August 2019 ?
(a) Ajay Gupta (b) Ram Raghavan
(c) Sanjiv Meheta (d) Kartik Arora
Correct Answer -(b) Ram Raghavan

6. What is the rank of India in the global GDP rankings of 2018 ?
(a) 4 (b) 5
(c) 6 (d) 7
Correct Answer -(d) 7

7. ___ state will build world’s 1st ultrafast hyperloop project .
(a) Rajsthan (b) Maharashtra
(c) Kerala (d) Gujarat
Correct Answer -(b) Maharashtra

8. Which state launched One – Nation – One – Relation Card Scheme on a pilot basis in August 2019 ?
(a) Telengana (b) Andhrapradesh
(c) Maharashtra (d) All of the above
Correct Answer -(d) All of the above

9. Which country banned face covering, clothing, such as burqa/niquab , in public building and transport ?
(a) Belgium (b) Luxembourg
(c) Denmark (d) Netherlands
Correct Answer -(d) Netherlands

10. __ Navyship Mendez Nunez arrived at Mormugao port. Goa in August 2019 .
(a) American (b) Chinese
(c) Spanish (d) Russia
Correct Answer -(c) Spanish

11. Where has the Indian Army launched an ecological initiative with employing E cars .
(a) New Delhi (b) J & K
(c) Goa (d) Gujarat
Correct Answer -(a) New Delhi

12. what does ‘R’ stand for in ‘ TRS ‘ launched by revenue department ?
(a) Release (b) Rupee
(c) Report (d) Rational
Correct Answer -(a) Release

13. Who took over as the controller general accounts in Newdelhi ?
(a) Sudhir Kumar
(b) Girraj Prasad Gupta
(c) Jawahar Thakur
(d) Rohit Bagga
Correct Answer -(b) Girraj Prasad Gupta

14. Who has been awarded the 2019 Ramon Megasaysay Award ?
(a) Prannoy Roy
(b) Ravish Kumar
(c) Sambit Patra
(d) Vinod Dua
Correct Answer -(b) Ravish Kumar

15. Where did president Ram Nath Kovind inaugurate exhibitions on Mahatma Gandhi & Khadi to commemorate 150tg birth .
(a) Gambia (b) Gambon
(c) Mali (d) Kenya
Correct Answer -(a) Gambia

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