Current Affairs 04 August

1. The world Breast feeding week is observed from 1st to 7th of which month? 
(a)  July                
(b)  June 
(c)  September 
(d)  August 
Correct Answer -(d)  August 
2. IIS Madhumita Hazarika Bhagat was appointed as India’s next high commissioner to which country?
(a)  Switzerland 
(b)  USA
(c)  Cyprus 
(d)  Kenya
Correct Answer -(c)  Cyprus 
3. RBI has imposed penalty of ₹ 11 crore on how many Banks? 
(a)  10 
(b)  11
(c)  7
(d)  5
Correct Answer -(c)  7
4. Who won the gold medal at the world cadet wrestling Competition in Sofia? 
(a)  Sakshi Malik 
(b)  Sonam Malik 
(c)  Babita Kumari 
(d)  Vinesh Poghat 
Correct Answer -(b)  Sonam Malik 
5. Which year marks the golden Jubilee edition of international Film Festival of India? 
(a)  2019
(b)  2020
(c)  2018
(d)  2021
Correct Answer -(a)  2019
6. Which is the first Indian bank to operationalise China’s national advance payment system (CNAPS)?
(a)  HDFC
(b)  ICICI
(c)  SBI
(d)  Bank of India 
Correct Answer -(c)  SBI
7. ‘Vhali Dikri Yojna’ has been launched in ____ state.
(a)  Maharashtra 
(b)  Goa
(c)  Gujarat 
(d)  Odisha 
Correct Answer -(c)  Gujarat 
8. Who won the Miss England 2019? 
(a)  Bhasha Mukherjee
(b)  Nina Davuluri 
(c)  Priyanka Sharma 
(d)  Radhika Pandit 
Correct Answer -(a)  Bhasha Mukherjee
9. Who has been appointed as the chairman of managing director of Bharat coking coal limited (BCCL)  ?
(a)  Ravi Capoor
(b)  PM Prasad
(c)  Anil Swarup 
(d)  Asish Singh
Correct Answer -(b)  PM Prasad
10. UGC released a list of ____ Institutes for Grant of the status of Institution of Imminence. 
(a)  20
(b)  10
(c)  14
(d)  25
Correct Answer -(a)  20
11. ___ country ungraded to Bronze medal at IAAF world race walking cup in Russia. 
(a)  Ukraine
(b)  Russia 
(c)  India 
(d) China 
Correct Answer -(c)  India 
12. ____ has been appointed as the governer of Westbengal. 
(a)  Jagdeep Dhankhar 
(b)  R N Ravi 
(c)  Fagu Chauhan 
(d)  Lalji Tandon 
Correct Answer -(a)  Jagdeep Dhankhar 
13. What is the minimum average maturity period in ECB for working capital purposes? 
(a)  11 yrs
(b)  10 yrs 
(c)  8 yrs 
(d)  7 yrs 
Correct Answer -(b)  10 yrs 
14. The Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb is located at ___ .
(a)  Haryana 
(b)  Odisha 
(c)  MP
(d)  UP
Correct Answer -(a)  Haryana 
15. ____ has been appointed as the governor of Nagaland. 
(a)  Lalji Tandon 
(b)  R N Ravi
(c)  Fagu Chauhan 
(d)  Anandiben Patel
Correct Answer -(b)  R N Ravi

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