Current Affairs 05 August

1. Who has been felicitated with the pride of the Nation Award in 2019  ?
(a)  Dr.  Ashok Raj Gopal
(b)  Dr.  Vinayak S Hiremath 
(c)  Dr.  S Natarajan 
(d)  Dr. Naresh Trehan
Correct Answer-(b)  Dr.  Vinayak S Hiremath 
2. Which country become the 4th African country to join global coalition of the willing on pollinators  ?
(a)  Ethiopia
(b)  Nigeria 
(c)  Kenya 
(d)  South Africa 
Correct Answer-(b)  Nigeria 
3. Which state has setup the automated multinodal Biometric Identification System the 1st of it’s kind in India   ?
(a)  Gujarat 
(b)  MP
(c)  Maharashtra 
(d)  Tamilnadu 
Correct Answer-(c)  Maharashtra 
4. ____ launched the initiative called ‘ Smarth ‘ .
(a)  Amazon 
(b)  Flipkart 
(c)  Snapdeal 
(d)  Myntra 
Correct Answer-b)  Flipkart 
5. KN Ravi was sworn in the ____ governer of Nagaland. 
(a) 18
(b) 19
(c) 20
(d) 21
Correct Answer-(c) 20
6. What is the rank of India as per subnetenal water stress Index  ?
(a)  23
(b)  34
(c)  46
(d)  53
Correct Answer-(c)  46
7. Where have Scientists uncovered remains of the smallest fossil monkey  ?
(a)  Chile 
(b)  Peru 
(c)  Mexico 
(d)  India 
Correct Answer-(b)  Peru 
8. Which state’s seeretariat will be called ‘ Lola Seva Bhaban ‘  ?
(a)  Bihar 
(b)  Odisha
(c)  Jharkhand 
(d)  UP
Correct Answer-(b)  Odisha
9. Where was the fifth international Dharma Dhamma conference inaugurated in July 2019  ?
(a)  Sarnath 
(b)  Rajgir 
(c)  Bastie 
(d)  Vaishali 
Correct Answer-(b)  Rajgir 
10. Who has been felicitated with  ‘ Indian Woman Of Influence  ‘ award ?
(a)  Ankita Srivastava
(b)  Priya Priyadashini Jain
(c)  Mehak Sagar 
(d)  Kritika Khurana 
Correct Answer-(b)  Priya Priyadashini Jain
11. Who has been appointed as the chairman of the estimates commite in 2019  ?
(a)  Ajit Pawar 
(b)  Dilip Kamble 
(c)  Girish Bapat
(d)  Vinod Tawde
Correct Answer-(c)  Girish Bapat
12. Which team has received affiliation from BCCI  ?
(a)  Chandigarh 
(b)  Patna 
(c)  Kota
(d)  None of the above 
Correct Answer-(a)  Chandigarh 
13. Where will be ” India – Nepallogistics Summit ” held  ?
(a)  Birgunj 
(b)  Kathmandu 
(c)  Mumbai 
(d)  Delhi 
Correct Answer-(b)  Kathmandu 
14.  Who won the ‘ German Grand Prix ‘ 2019  ?
(a)  Lewis Hamilton 
(b)  Max Verstappen
(c)  Kimi Raikkonen
(d)  All of the above
Correct Answer-(b)  Max Verstappen
15. Who has been appointed as DG of BSF  ?
(a)  VK Johri 
(b)  Birbal Nath
(c)  Aswini Kumar 
(d)  Sharawan Tondon
Correct Answer-(a)  VK Johri 

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