Current Affairs 07 August

1. The number of judges in SC increased to __ .
(a) 32 (b) 33
(c) 34 (d) 35
Correct Answer -(b) 33

2. Dale Steyn who announced retirement related to __ .
(a) Football (b) Cricket
(c) Golf (d) Tennis
Correct Answer-(b) Cricket

3. Lalit Kala Akademi celebrated it’s ___th foundation day in August 2019 ?
(a) 63 (b) 64
(c) 65 (d) 66
Correct Answer-(c) 65

4. __ legislative assembly passed two important bills to crub honour killings and Mob lynching in the state ?
(a) Gujarat (b) Bihar
(c) Rajsthan (d) Jharkhand
Correct Answer -(c) Rajsthan

5. __ traffic police launched a 3-D smart traffic signal system called ‘ Intelights ‘ .
(a) Mohali (b) Mumbai
(c) Lucknow (d) Chennai
Correct Answer -(a) Mohali

6. Where was the second all Indian annual conference of Indian information service officers organized .
(a) Mumbai (b) New delhi
(c) Lucknow (d) Jaipur
Correct Answer -(b) New delhi

7. What does ‘ R ‘ stands for in IRBS ?
(a) Radio (b) Real
(c) Radime (d) Rare
Correct Answer -(a) Radio

8. Who attended the launch function of Mission Shakti in August 2019 ?
(a) Salman Khan
(b) Amir Khan
(c) Ajay Devgan
(d) Hrithik Roshan
Correct Answer -(b) Amir Khan

9. Who is the first person in history to cross the English Channel on Flyboard Air, a jet powered hoverboard ?
(a) Franky Zapata
(b) Des Werner
(c) John Rossy
(d) Roger Martinez
Correct Answer -(a) Franky Zapata

10. Where was the fifth edition of Indian Army scout masters competition kicked off ?
(a) Jaisalmer (b) Kochi
(c) Hyderabad (d) Ladakh
Correct Answer -(a) Jaisalmer

11. RBI has imposed monetary penalty on __ Bank .
(a) 9 (b) 10
(c) 11 (d) 12
Correct Answer -(c) 11

12. Aman announced it’s forth coming debut in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in __ .
(a) 2022 (b) 2023
(c) 2024 (d) 2025
Correct Answer -(b) 2023

13. Recently the US has designated ___ a currency Manipulator .
(a) Turkey (b) Japan
(c) UAE (d) China
Correct Answer –(d) China

14. __ has to host India’s Largest Education brainstorm .
(a) Udaipur (b) Jaipur
(c) Delhi (d) Odisha
Correct Answer –(a) Udaipur

15. World Brest feeding week is observed 1st week of __ month .
(a) January (b) March
(c) July (d) August
Correct Answer -(d) August

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