Current Affairs 03 August

1. The national medical commission Bill 2019 seeks to repeal the Indian Medical Council Act, __ .(a) 1956 (b) 1963(c) 1968 (d) 1972Correct Answer -(a) 1956 2. Malbar gold & Diamonds has signed Bollywood Icon __ to its Star -studied list of brand ambassadors in 2019 .(a) Salman Khan (b) Sanjay Dutt (c) Anil Kapoor … Read more

Current Affair 02 August

1. Where was 52nd ASEAN summit held ?(a) Phnom Penh (b) Bangkok(c) Jakarta (d) Manila Correct Answer-(b) Bangkok 2. Gujarat CM formed __ task forces to examine, review and suggest inputs for new industrial policy for state (a) 4 (b) 8(c) 10 (d) 12 Correct Answer-(c) 10 3. Where will the world skills international competition … Read more

1 August Current Affairs

1. Where will be the 22nd National conference on e -governance 2019 be held? (a) Dispur (b) Shilong(c) Imphal (d) KohimaCorrect Answer-(b) Shilong 2. Who will set the new speaker of the Karnataka state Assembly in 2019? (a) Vishweshwar Hegde Kager(b) B. Srira mula(c) B.S. Yeddyurappa(d) N. A HarisCorrect Answer-(a) Vishweshwar Hegde Kager 3. N … Read more

30 July Current affairs

1. Which bank appointed Siddhartha Sanyal as chief economist research in July 2019?(a) SBI (b) Yes Bank (c) Bandhan Bank (d) IDBI Bank Correct Answer -(c) Bandhan Bank 2. Javadkar released the latest report of __ ratings on fertilizer sector in New Delhi?.(a) Red (b) Blue (c) Green (d) BrownCorrect Answer -(c) Green 3. Which … Read more

29 July Current Affairs

1. In July 2019 ____ received affiliation from BCCI ,for city cricketers to play in BCCI tournament.  (a) Puduchhery  (b)  Chandigarh  (c)  Silvassa  (d)  Bathinda Correct Answer-(b)  Chandigarh    2. Who was crowned Miss Deaf World 2019? (a)  Caroline Costa (b)  Victoria Soo Lum (c)  Vidisha Baliyan (d)  Aminaka Gako Correct Answer-(c)  Vidisha Baliyan   … Read more

28 July Current Affairs

  1. Singapore -headquartered Global Indian International School  (GIIS)  will launch India’s first smart campus in ______. (a)  Mumbai             (b)  Delhi  (c)  Pune                   (d)  Chennai  Correct answer-(c)  Pune    2. Which has recently revamped their tourism website for promoting state brands Bayanika … Read more

27 July Current Affairs

1. Who developed “Care 4 u” for the elderly person?  (a)  IIT Khadagpur  (b)  IIT Mumbai  (c)  IIT Mandi  (d)  IIT Roorkee Correct Answer- (a)  IIT Khadagpur   2. Which country will send it’s first Astronaut to space in 2022 with the help of China?  (a)  Myanmar           (b)  Nepal (c)  Pakistan    … Read more

26 July Current Affairs

1. On which day was the 20th anniversary of Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrated ? (a)  24th July            (b) 25th July (c)  27th July            (d) 26th JulyCorrect Answer-(d) 26th July 2.Triple talaq bill passed in ___.(a) 2014                    (b) 2015 (c)  2017                   (d) 2018Correct Answer-(c)  2017  3. Beji caid Essibsi who passed away recently, democratically elected leader of … Read more

25 July Current Affairs

1. Which deputy governor of RBI resigned recently? (a) B P Kanungo(b) N S viswanathan (c) Viral Acharya (d) M K JainCorrect answer-(c) Viral Acharya 2. __helicopter has delivered by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited to the Indian navy. (a) Chetak (b) Apache(c) Chinook (d) LakotaCorrect answer-(a) Chetak 3. Who will take over as the new union … Read more

24 July Current Affairs

Where has the American digital payments firm PayPal launched its 3rd global technology center? (a)  Hyderabad           (b)  Jaipur (c)  Lucknow              (d) Pune Correct answer-(a)  Hyderabad    Which of the following banks has/have withdrawn Funding for the Amarabati capital city project in Andhrapradesh ? (a)  World Bank (b)  New development Bank (c)  Asian infrastructure Investment Bank (d)  Both … Read more